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Tell your story and help others realize their dreams.

Hi! It’s Heather Andrews here. I have an amazing opportunity for you to share your inspiring story, create a powerful marketing tool and help other women realize real, important change in their lives.


BUT, before I do... I wanted to share my story with you.

"Twenty-four years ago, my life was a nightmare. I was in a bad relationship that fuelled my poor self-image and sunk my self-worth to zero. When someone asked me if I loved myself, I realized I didn’t. I wanted to love myself."

I had to make a dramatic and difficult change or flush my life into the gutter. I ended my bad relationship. Then through self-reflection, studying self-improvement, outside support and total demolition of the societal pressures that had knocked me down for years, I began to re-build myself.

I saw sunshine and lived in it for the first time.

But then ten years ago, life’s pressures caught up with me when my military husband, the father of my three children, was deployed overseas. Life was a whirlwind. I was barely functioning and never caught up on my to-do list. I struggled with my health, stress, and managing my family.

I knew it was time to change again.

Today, I am a successful business owner, health coach, and bestselling author on top of being a fit mom, a happy wife and an empowered woman.

These two major periods of self-discovery in my life got me to a new level of enjoyment of life I didn’t think was possible before. Not only do I own my business, but I head a functional and fun household and I jumped off a mountain this year after a life spent afraid of heights. I know I can do anything. I want this to be the reality for more women. I have a way to make it happen. The very best way I have discovered to distill the learnings that got me here has been to write a chapter of a book about my experience. The process of writing was a challenge, but one that allowed me to realize my calling as someone who inspires others to their full potential.

Now I want to inspire you to take the plunge and author a book chapter, too.

My vision is for a book of true stories from everyday women about their own journeys through adversity and how they learned their lessons the hard way to find success in their life. The book is meant to inspire other women who feel like they may have hit a brick wall and need insight that could help to shift their perspective and get them out of their current situation.

So, what is the purpose of this book?

This is an opportunity to tell your story of overcoming adversity. It is a chance to inspire others to live the life they desire.

As a co-author, you would be responsible for:

1 x 3,000-Word Chapter
1 x High-Resolution Digital Photo of Yourself
1 x 100-Word Biography
3 x URL Website Links
Publishing a Minimum of One Social Media Announcement on the Day of the Launch

In return you will get to...

Contribute a chapter to our new book, that will not just make you an author, but give you a chance to become a bestselling author, too. Across industries, business leaders want to work with authors who have a proven knowledge in their area of passion.
Have a marketing tool of tremendous value, as a co-author. Your chapter will establish you as an expert in personal growth, change and life skills.
Offer digital or print copies of the book as givaways, or sell copies to support you at events, workshops and anywhere you're looking to make an impact.
Gain all the benefit of being a high-quality, published author without the pressure and time spent doing it all alone.

Contribute to the Title of the Book

As a partner and co-author of this book, your voice matters! I want you to have the opportunity to contribute to the title of this inspirational work.

What I will provide for you

  • Publish your chapter in a professional and beautifully designed book
  • Your content professionally edited with your approval
  • Your name on the back cover listed under "authors of the book"
  • Access to a private Facebook group for support, encouragement, and collaboration
  • Access to marketing templates to promote the digital launch of the book
  • Option to order print copies at up to 60% off shelf price

Now for the TWO AMAZING opportunities!

If this sounds like the perfect fit for you, decide what you’d like to write about! Your chapter may cover any real-life experience of adversity and how you turned it into success. My goal is to create a book to help and inspire others through a difficult time.

If you would like to join me on my mission to empower others while establishing yourself as an expert and gaining a fantastic marketing tool, it would be an honour to have you.

Space in the book is limited, and to make our book publishing goals, we must have all co-authors signed on by March 15, 2017.

Co-Author a Book

This is a wonderful opportunity to share your wisdom and continue to build your own audience on social media presence as well as becoming a published author. It's also a fun, Inspiring way to reach more clients! Plus, a fantastic way to be the expert in your field!

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Co-Author a Book + Audio Book

Take your book to the next level!

Expand your influence with an Amazon submission-ready professionally produced Audiobook.

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