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Real Estate


Public Sector

Real Estate

Real Estate is the fundamental framework in which most business operate. Whether it be soaring commercial high-rise buildings, enormous oil & gas facilities, or single-family and high-density residential developments, Real Property plays an important role in our day to day lives.

At KeyPersonnel Inc. we specialize in all Real Estate related roles, covering various skills sets. They include:

  • Asset & Portfolio Mgmt.
  • Facility & Property Mgmt.
  • Leasing & Sales.
  • Construction, Project Mgmt. & Interior Design.
  • Marketing & Communication Security
  • Security & Risk Mgmt.
  • Finance & Investments.
  • Building Operations & Engineering.
  • Office Administration, Mgmt.
  • Accounting & Payroll.
  • Human Resources.
  • Legal.

We work with various institutional, non-institutional clients, and oversee all mandates whether it be Permanent or Contract (Temp).

For further information, please contact us info@keypersonnelinc.ca


Insurance encompasses everything we do in our daily lives. It ensures that we are protected financially should we sustain injury, illness or death. Insurance also safeguards ones personal and business assets including equipment and structures. Disaster remediation and other areas such as Investments, Portfolio Management, Real Estate also fall under the Insurance umbrella.

At KeyPersonnel Inc. we oversee various Insurance Industry related roles. We have recruiters assigned to various mandates which include:

  • Asset & Portfolio Management.
  • Office Administration.
  • Claims & Risk Mgmt.
  • Accounting & Finance.
  • Remediation.
  • Facility Management.
  • Legal.
  • Building Operations.

We work with Brokerages, Insurers and Remediation firms. Our team have overseen multiple large mandates including the 2016 Fort McMurray Wild Fires where overnight we mobilized 50+ temporary General Laborers for various remediation projects throughout the Wood Buffalo Region.

For further information regarding Contract (Temp) or Permanent opportunities/mandates within the Insurance Sector, please contact us at info@keypersonnelinc.ca

Public Services & Utilities

At KeyPersonnel Inc., we pride ourselves in our ability to service both the private and public sectors. We continually seek and undertake mandates with Municipal Governments and Utility providers. Some of these roles include but are not limited to:

  • Building Operations & Engineering.
  • Facility & Property Mgmt.
  • Construction & Project Mgmt.
  • Accounting & Finance.
  • Office Administration & Mgmt.
  • IT.
  • Customer service.

At KeyPersonnel Inc., we provide full-cycle recruitment for various industry sectors. We oversee Contract (Temp) and Permanent mandates and we are proud to various governmental agencies and affiliates.

For further information regarding Contract (Temp) or Permanent opportunities/mandates within the Public & Utilities Sector, please contact us at info@keypersonnelinc.ca

About Us

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Why Us
Jean Darius

Jean Darius is a Calgary raised, Montréal native with an impressive track record. As the Principal – Recruitment Consultant at KeyPersonnel Inc., he is known for his unique, thorough, consultative approach. His reputation as a leader in the Recruitment & Executive Search field has earned him the exclusive and non-exclusive mandates with some of the largest Institutional and Private Ownership Groups throughout Western Canada. Jean places his fiduciary responsibilities at the fundamental core of his business. Finding the right “fit” versus a simple “placement” has made him an ally to a number of firms, throughout multiple sectors.

KeyPersonnel Inc. is an independent, Professional Search Firm that specializes in full-cycle recruitment services for the Real Estate, Insurance and Security Services sectors. Our goal is to Unlock Opportunity for both our candidates and clients.

Simply put – To Unlock Opportunity for our respective candidates and clients. As Recruitment Consultants, goal role is to source and screen the very best candidates in their respective profession on behalf of our clients. We achieve this by adhering to our Core Values, and Prioritizing our Mandate.

Prioritizing our Mandate

  1. Professional Development – Competent, informed Consultants focused on continued personal and professional development.
  2. Service Delivery - Providing the very best in Customer Service while adhering to our Objectives and Core Values.

Sincerity in our approach.

This is fundamental. As a Recruitment Consultant, we are fully entrusted in delivering the best product/outcome for both the client and the candidate. As such, we thoroughly assess the applicant’s skills and the firm’s corporate culture in order to determine the best “fit” for both parties.

Passion for what we do.

Full commitment and passion is key to what we do and how we succeed.

Consistency in our work.

A straightforward, streamlined process is invaluable to both parties. Not only does this simplify the administrative process, it highlights our level professionalism and expertise.


Setting expectations and meeting them is vital. We take pride in setting clear timelines and expectations. We consult with our clients and candidates throughout the entire process, and respond to inquiries within a reasonable time.


Fiduciary Obligations/Duties are at the core of what we do. All material and/or confidential information shall at no time be disclosed to any party without written approval from the respective client(s) or candidate(s).

What makes us different

Our integrity, responsiveness and simplified approach is what sets us apart from our competitors. At KeyPersonnel Inc. we focus on what makes our clients and candidates unique. As the saying goes: “People quit their boss, not their job” which is why uncovering raw talent, identifying one’s true motivation, and connecting similar, like-minded professionals is what we are all about. At KeyPersonnel Inc. we find and connect the missing pieces to your puzzle.

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